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Relationship Support

Contempt              Criticism              Defensiveness            Stonewalling            Arguing

"Emotionally Intelligent Couples are

Intimately Familiar With Each Others World"

John Gottman

Goals of Couples Counselling

  1. Re-discovering your partners inner world.

  2. Learning to share missing fondness and admiration.

  3. Disarm conflicting verbal communication.

  4. Managing conflict.

  5. Creating shared meaning.

  6. Increasing friendship and intimacy.

What Is Our First Appointment Like?​​

  1. Going over the Informed Consent document is always the first priority prior to engaging in a counselling relationship. This document details multiple aspects of the counselling experience, such as counselling values, benefits and risks, boundaries, and the limitations of confidentiality. Please take time to read through the document prior to your session. A portion of the first appointment will address the Informed Consent document to ensure there are no concerns or questions. 

  2. The first session will always be somewhat different depending on the individual and their needs. However, a first session typically includes information gathering by the counsellor such as your name, birth date, contact numbers, an address, etc.  

  3. Often a family tree (genogram) is created to provide information about your family structure and dynamics, and as you settle into the environment additional information sharing around a specific issue unfolds. This is your time and your space.

  4. As the session concludes, depending on the content of the discussion and the issue/s presented, you may be invited to create a goal and participate in personal work until your next session. 

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