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Signing a PDF on a Mac.

  1. Download the file to your system.
  2. Open the file in the default mac pdf viewer.
  3. If you do not have a signature already saved to your system:​​
    • First write your signature on a piece of white paper.
    • Click on the pencil nib in a circle, then click on the Signature icon, then "Create Signature".
    • Use the camera option and hold your paper up so your signature sits on the camera line.
    • Click "Done".
  4. You can now select your signature and place it onto the proper position on your page.
  5. The same process can be done for the date, or leave it for your counsellor to fill in for you.
  6. Send the document via e-mail.

Signing a PDF on a PC.

  1. Click the link, and the file will open in the browser or in a default pdf program like Adobe Acrobat.
  2. If you do not have a signature already saved to your system:​​
    • Click the pen nib.
    • Click the pen nib again on the new menu.
    • Select "Add Signature",
    • Select the "Draw" option to use your mouse and write your signature.
    • Select "Apply".
    • Scroll down to the appropriate line and place in your signature.

  3. Select "Close" (upper right hand corner).
  4. Select the Email icon and send the file to:

Signing a PDF on Ipad

Click on download button. When document shows, select "Open In" option at bottom or top of screen. Select the NOTES app and save to the app. Open the NOTES app and open the new note with the PDF. Touch the PDF on the screen once. Scroll down the page to the Signature & Date area. Zoom in if you need to. Touch the Pencil Nib icon in the top right corner & select the first marker that appears at the bottom of your screen. Sign and date the document. Touch the Pen Nib in the top right corner again to turn off the signing. Touch the Page Arrow icon at the bottom to and select the "Mail" app. Address to and send.

Signing Downloaded Documents